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Dr Shankara Chetty - Discover how a Rural Doctor from South Africa treated 5000+ Covid-19 patients without a single hospitalisation or death...

Breakthroughs in Covid-19 Early Intervention Out-patient Management

This is a Gamechanger for Covid-19 treatment...

  • No Deaths

  • No Hospitalisations

  • No Oxygen Required

  • No Long Covid Syndrome

  • Simple Protocols & Inexpensive Medications

  • Overview Webinar

    India Today

    Covid Q&A: Dr Shankara Chetty Says Mild Infections Tend To Develop Good Immunity | India Today

    Course Curriculum for Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

    This is exactly what will be covered in this course

    Reviews of Dr Shankara Chetty's Course

    Emily, Nurse Practitioner, USA

    Been through the course and started implementing straight away.

    Dr Omar  MD, Durban , South Africa

    [Unedited]  I have used the Dr Sankara Chetty's type 1 hypersensitivity Pathogenesis to successfully treat 3 acute COVID-19 patients. I also used his understanding of COVID-19 to also successfully treat long covids from wave 1 and wave 2 in South Africa.

    These guidelines you send me, will help align my drugs and dosages to that of Dr Sankara Chetty's clinical observation. I have had zero deaths for all of my patients where I used his Pathogenesis in my treatment plan.

    In wave 1 and wave 2 , i had many COVID-19 deaths amongst my patient population. None of them were on the Dr Sankara Chetty drugs.

    God Bless Dr Sankara Chetty , and your site, for promoting his theory. As soon as i have my first death, my views may differ. For now, the best scientific model that's working for me , is the type 1 hypersensitivity framework for the week 2 / day 8 manifestation of COVID-19

    Watching his webinars is one thing. Treating patients with his drugs and seeing the recovery is another thing. 


    • Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Practitioners

    • Should have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile device

    • Should have access to internet via WiFi or Mobile data

    • Should allow access to the computer to download files

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